Liquid crystal display element


PURPOSE:To obtain a liquid crystal display element which is free from a disturbance in orientation and blurring of characters after a deterioration test even if the element is subjected to a heat treatment at a low temp. by using a heat- treated film of a compsn. consisting of specific polyamic acid, colloidal silica, and tertiary amine compd. as an oriented film. CONSTITUTION:The oriented film is formed of the heat-treated film consisting of the polyamic acid having the structural unit expressed by formula I, the tertiary amine compd. and the colloidal silica. In formula I, R1 is a trivalent or tetravelent org. group, R2 is a divalent org. group, (m) is 1 or 2. The tertiary amine has the effect of dispersing silica uniformly into the polyimide film and to improve the transparency of the film and has the catalytic effect to accelerate imide ring closure. The silica has the effect of capturing the solvent and ionic impurities remaining in a slight amt. in the oriented film as a result of the heat treatment effected at the low temp. and to prevent diffusion. The liquid crystal display element which is free from the disturbance in the orientation and the blurring of the characters after the deterioration treatment in spite of the heat treatment at the low temp. is thereby obtd.




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