Air blowing control device for air conditioner


PURPOSE: To improve a temperature distribution and improve a comfortable feeling by a method wherein a discharge air stream is concentrated and dispersed in each of the first and second modes, respectively, around a central direction set by a discharge direction setting means. CONSTITUTION: Either the first mode or the second mode is manually or automatically set by a discharge mode setting means 20. An air discharge direction is set by a discharge direction setting means 19. Then, in reference to a result of the discharge mode and a discharge direction, setting angles of a left deflection vane 7, a right deflection vane 8 and an upper and lower deflection vane 6 are determined by a deflection angle setting means 18, an instruction is sent to each of a left motor 17a, a right motor 17b and an upper and lower motor 12 which may act as a driving means for each of them, driven to a desired angle and then stopped at the desired angle, thereby the left deflection angle vane 7 and the like are set at its angle. With this arrangement, it is possible to concentrate or disperse a discharge air stream by the left deflection vane 7 and the right deflection vane 8 around the blowing direction, so that it is possible to improve a temperature distribution. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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