Controlling method for compression ratio of variable compression ratio mechanism


PURPOSE: To prevent the malfunction of a lock pin by preferentially changing compression ratio over to the side of low compression ratio when oil pressure for driving said lock pin has decreased. CONSTITUTION: An eccentric hearing 6 is rotatably positioned between a connecting rod 3 and a piston pin 4, and a lock pin 8 provided on said connecting rod 3 is hydraulically driven to change compression ratio. A hydraulic sensor 32 detects oil pressure in the above hydraulic system, and then inputs it into an electronic controller 23, and when said oil pressure is lower than its specified value, a directional control valve 22 is operated to change the compression ratio over to the side of low compression ratio. The malfunction of said lock pin 8 can be therefore prevented to check the damage of an engine. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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