Recognition of present location for vehicle


PURPOSE: To always enable the recognizing of the present location of a vehicle accurately, by detecting the most nearby intersection from the present location based on map data each time it travels a fixed distance to recognize this intersection detected as the present location of the vehicle. CONSTITUTION: Based on output data of a travel distance sensor 3, a CPU 7 determines a relationship between the data and map data, namely, the distance l m to the most nearby segment and an angle between the segment and the north of the map. Then, when the distance l m exceeds a preset threshold, hence, detecting that a vehicle makes a curve, a travel distance l c is determined from a point previously indicated as intersection and multiplied by a fixed value to obtain an intersection detecting threshold. Then, distances to intersections from the present location are determined with respect to intersection data stored as map data. When a particular distance is smaller than the intersection detecting threshold while the nearby intersection is detected within a fixed distance range, this intersection detected is withdrawn as new estimated point of the present location. Thus, a distance error due to inaccuracy of the sensor 3 of the like can be corrected as each intersection is detected. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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