Remote-controlled excavator for foundation pit


PURPOSE: To raise the safety of the excavator by a method in which an excavating heavy machine with an excavator is provided with a power source unit for driving, a manipulator, and a pickup device to transmit operating condition to an operating position, and excavation is made by remote-control operation. CONSTITUTION: A working section A consists of an excavating heavy machine 10, a power source 11, a manipulator 12, a pickup device 13, and an illuminator 14, The machine 10 can freely travel by a traveler 15 equipped with a crawler and the slewing section 16 is provided with an excavator 17. The working section A is positioned in an excavated pit, the excavator 17 is operated by sending command signal from a controller B to the section A, and excavated soil is loaded on an elevator 19 for carrying soil and carried to the ground's surface. These operations are pictured by the pickup device 13 and transmitted to the ground's surface for monitoring. The safety of operations can thus be raised since the needs for admitting workers in the pit can be eliminated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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