Code absorbing method for remote control transmitter


PURPOSE: To surely absorb a code by fetching a command code of other remote control transmitter for twice or over and absorbing the command code while at least two times of coincidence are obtained. CONSTITUTION: A code absorbing switch 4 is turned on and a mode key being an object of control is selected from a mode key group 1. A signal light radiation section of the other remote control transmitter is opposed to a signal light receiving section 6 of a remote control transmitter, a specific command key (key assigning an absorption code) in the command key group 3 of the remote control transmitter is operated and until the display of the command of the code to be absorbed appears, the operation is repeated. In operating the command of the other remote control transmitter, the code is received by the signal light receiver section 6 and stored once in a work RAM 15. In operating the command key of the other remote control transmitter again, similarly the code is absorbed, and when the code is coincident with the code absorbed at first, the code stored in the work RAM 15 is transferred into the EPROM 16 and stored therein. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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