Apparatus for automatically classifying blood image


PURPOSE: To facilitate the cut-in measurement of an urgent slide sample, by providing an arrangement stand for arranging the urgent slide sample and an up-and-down moving body for moving the arrangement stand up and down to a feed system. CONSTITUTION: The insert part of an urgent slide sample 17 is provided to the rear of a feed line for feeding a slide sample 1 and, when the measuring order of the sample 17 is given from an operation part, the sample 1 during measurement and the next sample 1 during stand-by time are once received in a cassette 2. Subsequently, the sample 17 is arranged on the arrangement stand of the insert part thereof and, when the arrangement of the slide 17 is finished, the up-and-down moving body holding the arrangement stand is allowed to fall and the sample 17 on the arrangement stand is transferred to a feed rail 6 and moved to a measuring part 8 by a start order to perform measurement. When measurement is finished, the sample is returned to the original position before measurement. Next, the up-and-down moving body is allowed to rise to separate the sample 17 from the feed line. Therefore, the cut-in measurement of the sample 17 can be performed without disturbing the measuring system of the sample 1. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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